Looking Ahead: Big XII

Dust off the cleats, ladies and gentlemen. It’s August and we are within field goal range of the college football season. In many ways, this year has flown by, in others, it hasn’t. I think I speak for us all when I say that the offseason never passes fast enough. 

We will start off our season with the Power 5 conference previews, which will be an earnest effort to predict the championship game matchup (for four conferences anyhow).  We’ll start with the flyweights and work our way up to the heavyweights. 

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Letter from the Editor: Orlando

Dear readers,

Thank you all so very much for your continued support of our little sports blog. Caleb, Brian, and I have been quite fortunate to have a platform to serve as our outlet for sports commentary. I do hope that our diversions and non sequitur op-ed pieces have entertained you over the past 16 months. What’s more, I hope that you will continue to visit our blog for yours and our continued enjoyment. We plan to start the next season of our podcast in a few weeks and as football season approaches, you can certainly expect more articles from yours truly.
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PREVIEW: NHL Western Conference Semi-Finals

I’d like to preface this post with something, I’m really bad at picking hockey series. Among my first round picks, I had the Capitals (check), the Rangers (nope), the Panthers (nope), the Lightning (check), the Stars (check), the Blackhawks (nope), the Ducks (nope), and the Kings (nope). That’s 3-for-8, less than 50%. If I’m grading a student’s work, and this is how well they did, I’d give them the raised eyebrow look of disappointment and suggest they come by after school to clear things up. Continue reading

and ovechkin face-off

PREVIEW: NHL Eastern Conference Semi-Finals

You may have noticed that we skipped the first round of the playoffs, not just in the NHL, but the NBA as well. I don’t think either needs to limit the number of teams that make the post-season, especially when so much revenue is generated for the lesser teams, but there is something to be said about the competitive nature of the first round. While the Blackhawks and Blues proved to be an incredible series, losing in the first round just isn’t nearly as devastating. The second round is when teams get that first taste of success, and as a result, possibility. So let’s discuss what’s to come in round two of the NHL playoffs. Continue reading


Riding the Pine: NFL Draft Preview, Part II: The Wrath of Khan

Part II. Don’t I get any points for the Wrath of Khan reference about the Jags owner? No? Ok.

Brian and the guys finish breaking down the draft ahead of the main event this week. Again, the quality is not the best. We apologize for the bootleg feel, but we were having issues with the file and this is the best we could do. We opted for content distribution over cleaning it up in post. Sorry about that. The next ones will be more polished.