Bet the Board: Week 4

I write this as I get ready to drive up to Atlanta to watch Georgia Tech play Clemson at Bobby Dodd–notably, the site of Clemson’s last regular season ACC loss. I had an OK week last week, bringing me up to a season win percentage of .650. Let’s get to the option. 

As always, dogs are on the right and the pick/spread are bold, and the lines may not be current. 

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Aaron It Out: NFL Week 3

Anyone else feel like David did coming home from the dentist when you stop to consider the NFL so far this season? Is this real life? 

This past weekend saw a Jaguar team that looked remotely capable against Green Bay get run out of the stadium by one of the most underachieving quarterbacks in the NFL–Rivers is very talented, but he’s not accomplished anything. The bizarre whipsaw that is the NFL is in full swing, and we hit the ground running this season. 

And no, that is not the permanent title of this series. 

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Bet the Board: Week 3

Apologies to our readers, we did not have a bet the board or a sprint option as the result of my truck getting stolen from my driveway. Seems like Quan got the better of me this time–I know his name is Quan because the genius paired his iPhone to my truck. I digress. The point is: Bet the Board and the Sprint Option are back.

Let’s get to it. As always, the favorite is on the left and the points are shown on the pick side.

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Bet the Board: Opening Weekend

Football is back. I am so excited. It’s a lot like the first day of school and Christmas morning rolled together. With the disaster befalling my previews, I have never felt less prepared for the season to start. However, the season has arrived all the same and with it, the wagering on amateur athletics. There’s a lot to get to today.

Let’s bet the board! As always, picks are bolded and favorites/points are on the left.

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Looking Ahead: Big XII

Dust off the cleats, ladies and gentlemen. It’s August and we are within field goal range of the college football season. In many ways, this year has flown by, in others, it hasn’t. I think I speak for us all when I say that the offseason never passes fast enough. 

We will start off our season with the Power 5 conference previews, which will be an earnest effort to predict the championship game matchup (for four conferences anyhow).  We’ll start with the flyweights and work our way up to the heavyweights. 

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